Poultry Company H. de Vries was founded in 1992 by Herman and his wife Ida de Vries. After many years being employed in other cutting plants, Herman decided to start his own business which mainly supplied Dutch customers. After having worked at the site in Nijkerkerveen for more than seven years, he decided in 1999 to build a new premise in the Watergoor industrial area in Nijkerk. The company grew rapidly while staying focussed on Dutch, Belgium, German, English and Irish customers. Currently De Vries has a weekly production of 150 tons of fresh and frozen products. The company employs 40 people at two locations to serve our customers with quality poultry products at competitive prices.

Poultry Company H. de Vries delivers chicken fillets, chicken thigh meat, chicken wings, chicken legs, chicken rolls, smoked chicken fillets, and many other products. In addition, the company also produces semi-finished products for the processing industry such as chicken separator meat, chicken breast skin and chicken carcasses. Poultry Company H. de Vries is BRC, IKB and Q-S approved.

In 2006, De Vries Export B.V. was founded. De Vries Export B.V. is responsible for the export of products to Germany, Belgium, UK and Ireland. The products are delivered by owned trucks to customers in The Netherlands, Belgium and Germany. For delivery to customers in the UK and Ireland De Vries makes use of specialized transport companies.